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In the coming days, weeks, months, etc, I’ll be spending some more time writing stuff on my personal blog. Why just post things to Medium and Google Plus without any monetary benefit? Of course, monetary benefits for me only come from you clicking on my ads. Why not give it a try?

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I’m focusing on products and services that I like and appreciate, so check back as I’ll be updating many of these services.  One of these services could help me curtail the cost of keeping this blog running, so any help is certainly appreciated.  Hopefully you are  gaining value from my blog, too.

Thank you for reading and thank you for thinking of this blog before you buy stuff.  🙂


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Porsche Contest: Help me win!

Recently, I entered a contest with Porsche by writing an essay about what Porsche means to me. For this gear-head, the prize is an absolute dream: a 3-day trip to Porsche Driving School in Birmingham, Alabama! Certainly, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, but could not justify the expense. If I can win this trip, it would be incredible.
So what do you have to do? Simply go to this URL: and follow the steps to enter the voting area. The process is somewhat lengthy, because they want an email address, your name and physical address, but I’ll make it up to you! I’m listed as Paul, Kirkland, WA. Read it and send me some feedback, I’d love to see that. Most importantly, though, is vote for me!! Hurry, because all voting entries must be in by October 31st prior to midnight.

Thank you so much for helping me with this and assisting me in fulfilling a car-guy’s dream.

UPDATE: you can vote daily by simply entering your email address and selecting who to vote for–no rigamarole like the first time.  Thanks again!

New Automotive Blog…

I’m in the process of developing a new automotive blog that sort of ties into my beleaguered (ok, neglected) podcast, Autotalk. Looking for something that speaks more to it being a blog, rather than a podcast (speaks? perhaps a bad descriptor). The site will feature news and editorial about cars and the industry.

Any ideas you may bring forth are greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the New Blog (sort of)…

It’s new and improved! Well, improved at least. I decided to get away from the pretty minimalist design and move to a design I can fill with content!

Now you can benefit from the following enhancements:

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  • Find links to my ventures and other sites below the Twitter posts, check out for the super cool, self-powered cell phone charger we sell.
  • Beneath links to my ventures, find links to people I know and promote.
  • Check out the latest photos uploaded from my iPhone on the top right.
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Posting will be more active on this blog now.  Be sure to enjoy Dvorak’s Tech5 podcast, which also finds its way into .  Thanks for reading!

AppleSavant Site update…, a site/blog that’s part of the HydraMedia New Media Network has been redesigned, relaunched and rejiggered.  This Apple-focused, editorial blog is sort of a curmudgeon blog of tech.  We just call it like we see it.  
In the coming weeks, we’ll also be recording the first AppleSavant Podcast, available on the site and on iTunes.  Watch here for an update, or subscribe to the feed at    

Welcome to my new blog…


Tired of using 5 different blogging platforms, I’ve decided to centralize most of my stuff right here at you’ll find here are my thoughts, observations, comments, photos and voice notes.  Also, when I post things to other New Media sites I’m involved with HydraMedia and other sites, I’ll leave it right here. I will continue to use, my Tumblr site, to post things I find around the Web and of course the microblogging tool Twitter will keep seeing my contributions. Enjoy, have fun and please comment when you can.