Analyzing Mobile Phone Bill

Are you still holding onto unlimited data plans on AT&T?  If your users consume less than 4GB of data, it seems much less to move to shared data.  In my example, I can save up to $445 annually!

That’s significant, as I can’t stand paying these guys more than I have to. Plus, I get hotspot included, so I can dump my iPad 3G data payments, saving me another $120 per year.

When was the last time you analyzed your mobile bill?

AT&T Datashare Price Comparo

Thoughts on the Gun Issue…

Alex Lindsay is a man I respect immensely. He wrote a very thoughtful piece reflecting his view on guns, based upon his rural upbringing in Pennsylvania contrasted with his adult life, mostly living in San Francisco. His post on Google Plus is worth a read here.

Here are my thoughts, and the comment I posted responding to Alex’s excellent post.

As far as what to do about gun control, I don’t think this can, or should, be resolved on a Federal level. The State and local governments should be making laws applicable to what’s relevant to them. To your point, people and behaviors are different in relative places, why have a sweeping law the protects–or unprotects in many cases–the citizens in that geography? Just as we don’t have a national speed limit within cities, we don’t need gun laws regulated federally.

In contrast to your childhood, I grew up mostly in the city and except for about 6 years, spent my entire life in cities and suburbs. My past views on guns have mostly echoed the lyrics of Pearl Jam’s Glorified G: most people don’t need them and the ones that do carry them to feel manly. This view has changed almost entirely in the last 5 to 6 years (although I still like the song)–around the time my first child was born. Although I lived in a relatively safe neighborhood in SoCal at the time, I realized if someone came into my house to abduct my kid, we were basically defenseless. A baseball bat, a shovel, a knife and my 911 call would be all I had to defend myself. I started imagining scenarios, escape routes, etc for how a possible home invasion of any sort would play out in my house. My conclusion: I’m at a serious disadvantage. My family is at a serious disadvantage. The crooks will always find ways to procure weapons, especially in the variety of one that shoots bullets, so why shouldn’t I be able to combat the crook with a weapon of my own, to achieve some level of equality?

The media has turned this discussion into a frenzy. People feel helpless from all the recent madness and want to do something about it. People in government feel they have to do something for political reasons, so they look good. But, there’s no single right answer. A worldwide prohibition of guns or ammo is impossible, so we need to focus on better programs with the purpose of keeping the nuts out of society and away from guns. Yet, if one of those nuts tries to hurt me or my family, I should be able to reciprocate their intentions.

Why punish the law abiding citizens who could fall victim to the small percentage of destructive, gun-wielding nut cases?