Microsoft Surface Ad, um, Surfaces.

This commercial sort of reminds me of Tic-Tacs and Mentos.

I’d like to know who at Microsoft approved this spot and what the pitch was from the agency.  Let me take a stab at it (in smooth-talking ad-guy voice), “We want to reach a young crowd, exemplifying fun and highlighting a key feature that makes the Surface different from the competition.”  What they’ve made is a scary Glee-style embarrassment.  Not even RIM would approve a spot this silly.  Hey guys, you’re selling consumer electronics, not candy, snack food or other sundries…remember?


Microsoft’s $300-million Campaign Takes Flight

Commercial number 2 is released.  It’s really more like an info-mercial, as it’s 4-minutes long. 

I can sum this up really quickly for you: it’s an ad about nothing.

Microsoft sent out a release stating the first ad (see here) was just to get the attention of everyone.  The ads that follow will certainly be more relevant and we’ll all understand the campaign as it rolls out.  My take on this new spot, and from what comments I’ve seen on the Interwebs, the consensus is, “huh?” Continue reading “Microsoft’s $300-million Campaign Takes Flight”