Writing with iPhone

The iPhone is arguably the most advanced mobile platform to come along since the dawn of mobile platforms. With this, people will use this platform in various ways, as the iPhone is not just a phone, it is a platform; as is its little cousin, the iPod Touch.

Because of this obvious observation, I certainly hope that when the v.2.0 software is released, developers (if not Apple itself) will be able to make drivers and controls for human interface devices, such as the more popularly referred to device known as the keyboard.

A Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone would be a boon for mobile users who type blogs or documents. A keyboard would really make services like Zoho, EditGrid and Google Docs really, really useful with the iPhone. I look to companies like Griffin, Belkin and Kensington to get this done and not a moment too soon!

This post was typed entirely into WordPress using an iPhone. Though not excruciating, anything longer than this post may become so. I could see myself with a small Palm-accessory style fold-up, Bluetooth keyboard busting out a post like this in a few minutes, where this post has taken about 8–not horrrible, but in need of improvement.

So join me in wishing for a Bluetooth keyboard solution–I, for one, are ready for it.