Microsoft Needs to Borrow to Acquire Yahoo!

Microsoft: Loan required for acquisition of Yahoo
Could this be the beginning of the end for Microsoft?  Getting too big for their britches?  Microsoft has been notoriously debt free, with tons of cash in the bank.  I know it would be stupid to use available cash for this acquisition, but maybe Microsoft needs to take a step back and say, “what are we really buying here?”  

Is dominating the popular kid in class (Google) so important to Microsoft that they are willing to acquire a troubled company, when they don’t even have their own house in order?  Why would a software company want to morph into an advertising business?  

Microsoft needs to focus on their own business–get their house in order–before any major acquisitions.  Ballmer is so focused on domination he can’t see the impending disaster that is Microsoft about 5 years from now.