R.I.P. Dell Adamo XPS, You Died Too Young – Dell adamo xps obituary – Gizmodo

We thought the Dell Adamo XPS to be a truly beautiful creation, an innovative challenger that one-upped the MacBook Air. It had potential.

We’re truly sad to hear of its passing.

The Adamo XPS, a super portable spinoff from the original, hefty Adamo, was the most design-aggressive member of the Dell product family. It was a statement of what the company could do when it focused on form. And more importantly, it was different from anything else, not only that Dell produced, but that ANYONE produced. The Adamo XPS was unique. And uniqueness is a rare commodity in an industry that’s divided between Macbook clones and plastic PCs with so little grey in between.

We’re heartbroken to say farewell to the Adamo XPS and we hope that a new generation will be revealed at some point in the future. In the meantime:

Rest in Peace
Dell Adamo XPS 2009-2010

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Oh Dell, you continue to be confused about what people want. BTW, I hear they’re still cranking out MacBook Airs.

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Response to Jason Calacanis’ Case Against Apple

As many of you may be aware, and as I discussed on VexedTech, Jason Calacanis of Mahalo fame (as well as other ventures and who may be referred to as a new-media socialite), wrote his dissertation against Apple entitled, “The Case Against Apple-in Five Parts” to his email subscribers (link to blog post version). ¬†Below is my response to his email.

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