I’m Paul.

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I work as a partner and co-founder in the startup Wheelio.com, a SaaS venture that is set to disrupt the old, broken, media-focused automotive classified listings business.

I work as co-founder of Wheelio Products, the exclusive distributor of Briotech, a PPE-free disinfectant and cleaner that eliminates COVID-19 while being safe enough to spray in your mouth.

I provide business and technology consulting through CreativeHydra, Inc., a solutions company that provides cloud and business management solutions to all businesses, large to small.

Previously, an an entrepreneur, I co-founded web-development and affiliate marketing company HydraMedia Corporation, of Kirkland, WA. I co-developed, and was the primary designer, of the SOScharger, hand-winding mobile phone charger.

I believe that less is more when it comes to business approach. Removing complications of a work-flow and editing a business down to its bare metal is a huge challenge.

I’m a follower of Michael Gerber’s E-Myth book and the thinking associated with it, and structure our businesses and client businesses within this thinking.

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Columnist and Story Writer for Computer Source and Computer Consumer Magazines

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Spoken Song Lyrics – hear songs spoken like never before // here’s a link.

Autotalk – early automotive podcast//off air.

Vexed Tech – discussion of tech and how it vexes us//off air.





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