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If you’re a Mac user and an avid blogger, check out MacUpdate’s limited time, sale price offer of Blogo.

Blogo puts your blogging in one, simple and efficient console. It works with all the major blogging platforms including WordPress, MovableType and Expression Engine, including “miniblog” platforms, such as Tumblr. The software even supports hosted platforms like Blogger and Typepad. They’ve added micro-blogging as well, so now enjoy Twitter and Ping.fm posting right from Blogo.

Blogo allows you to set links, upload images, embed images, preview your post and more. Plus, you can even go back and edit your posts all without logging into your blog platform.

Finally, I’ve taken the plunge. Previously, I just couldn’t justify the price, considering how little I actually post a blog entry, but at $18.75 on sale, it’s a no brainer.